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"SaY" it with Education: The Science of Reading

Humankind’s most precious treasure is our children, and our future depends on them. We recognize literacy as a fundamental human right that empowers individuals in a society. We also know that grim life outcomes are connected to illiteracy. We are resolved to prevent the collateral damage that is incurred by our students, especially the most vulnerable among them.

In a knowledge economy, the currency of the 21st century will be built on the foundation of skilled reading. Students who can read well have a place at the table of opportunity whether their aspirations lead them to preparation for college or the workforce. We believe in a future where a collective focus on applying the science of reading through teacher and leader preparation, classroom application, and community engagement will elevate and transform every community, every nation, through the power of literacy.


The Read Aloud Project is a non-profit organisation that is bringing together partners nationwide to make daily reading aloud the new parenting norm.

This program is designed to increase the reading habits on children by encouraging parents and schools to come together. Children fall behind in their studies because they stop reading. With an affordable, research-based, scientifically designed and intuitive in-school reading program, The Read Aloud Project aims to solve this problem. With over 78 schools and 100,000 children impacted, The Read Aloud Project is taking baby steps to building a nation of readers.

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