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"SaY": How to get your kids to read more (and YOU too)!

1. Read aloud — it’s never too soon and it’s never too late. Reading aloud links books to the thing we all want most — connection. Babies listen to anything, so read the books you want to read; teenagers secretly love it so don’t be afraid; and your partner might find it more romantic than a box-set, so give it a go!

2. Five minutes is longer than you think– you can get into more than you think while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, or the train to come (that goes for your reading too, speaking of which….).

3. Read the talk, put your page where your mouth is!show them books matter, talk about what you’re reading, let them see you reading. Try carrying a book around the house instead of your phone — they’re the acceptable face of ignoring your kids. (Five minutes is longer than you think.)

4. Reading is more than books– get them to love stories and books will follow. Encourage make believe play and their own storytelling (Spin A Yarn India of course!); listen to audio books and podcasts (Spin A Yarn India of course!). It doesn’t have to be highbrow, follow their interests.

5. Books aren’t just for bedtime — make books your go-to for pre-dawn risers, reluctant bath-times, fussy mealtimes, entertainment on the bus, restaurant distraction, you name it. (Five minutes is longer than you think.)

6. Books aren’t just for shelves –make them available and easy — keep baskets and piles of books in all your rooms — even kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways (waiting spaces!) — and always one under the buggy, in the car, in your backpack.

7. Make it delectable — create delightful rituals that make it a treat — family weekend reading parties with a book each (wordless picture books or ‘reading’ to toys for preschoolers); a popcorn read-a-thon; a trip to the local café for hot chocolate & read aloud; a ‘midnight feast’ with books.

Remember, Your Voice, Their Imagination.
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